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Hey Girlfriend & Beautiful Brown Girls Presents A Day of Empowerment & Relaxation Saturday August 24th

Empowerment and relaxation. Something I’m sure everyone looks for on a day to day basis. It’s all about balance. But reality sets in – most places you would get “empowerment” from are more than likely workshops and seeing someone speak, which almost always cost money. Same goes for relaxation. But have no fear, Hey Girlfriend is here! And they’re not alone – this time they’ve brought along their friends at the Beautiful Brown Girls Brunch Club South Florida chapter. Since both Hey Girlfriend and Beautiful Brown Girls have similar missions – to influence, engage, encourage and conflate women from all aspects of life – so it’s a no-brainer that the two have partnered up to bring the ‘Look Good, Feel Good, Be Fabulous!’ health, wellness and beauty seminar to the women of South Florida.

On Saturday, August 24th from 3pm to 5pm at the Urban League of Broward County in Ft. Lauderdale, women who have RSVP’d to this FREE EVENT will be subject to a myriad of products and services ranging from free massages to sample products from vendors in attendance that all have one goal in mind: to empower and relax. Stop at the Glitz N Glam Cosmetics booth to see what new products they have out or see what tips you can get from Eat Think Move (a fitness lifestyle company) about getting you back on track to living a healthier lifestyle. The choices are abundant and they can all be yours, but only if you RSVP by [CLICKING HERE].

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