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Diana with a Candy Woolley Zebra Clutch

CW: What is your signature style?
Modern, chic and elegant.


CW: Who do you consider a fashion icon?
Carolina Herrera. She is the epitome of chic and elegance. She truly understands a woman’s lifestyle and knows what we want to wear and when.


CW: As a mobile media expert, what advice do you give business owners to get the most out of mobile technology?

For starters you must define your goals and objectives, create a mobile strategy, know your consumer and don’t be afraid to fail.

  • Decide what is right for your business, whether creating a mobile website or a native App.
  • Provide relevant and engaging content about the products and services you offer.
  • Include relevant updates and features like deals, discounts, store locators, click-to-call and an option to make purchases.
  • Interact with your mobile consumers by creating SMS programs and setting up reward programs to incentivize consumers to keep them coming back.
  • Get to know your mobile consumer well; understand what drives them. How they consume this media and how they interact with your site.


Leather and snake skin pink hobo bag

CW: Should mobile be a must for a business?
Yes, especially for small local businesses. Everyday more and more people are using their phones to access content and find local businesses. smartphones are now a part of people’s daily lives; think about it, your mobile device is the only media that is always with you. According to a study commissioned by Google, “87% of smartphone owners use their devices on the go, or while commuting and walking. 93% of consumers now use their smartphones at home.” In addition by 2015, more people will access the internet via mobile than their desktop computers. That is why it is important to include mobile in your business strategy and have a mobile-friendly website. Mobile sites are designed specifically for the small screen. The best mobile-friendly web sites make the mobile experience local. Consumers are constantly seeking for local information on their phone. The best site should have immediate gratification like a click to call feature, store locator and directions with a map on the landing page. You should make it quick and easy for people to find you. If your mobile site provides a good experience, it will help drive revenue for your business. Research shows that 51% of consumers are more likely to buy from a retailer that has a mobile friendly website. It is important for businesses to have a mobile site that takes into account new consumer habits and can reach consumer wherever they are throughout the day.

CW: Which is the most stylish city you’ve visited?
There are many but I have to say New York City. What makes New York City stylish is its artists, designers and curators. As for fashion, it starts in NYC where everybody wears whatever they like. For example, you might see a woman who arrives for lunch in a short embroidery evening gown and for dinner leggings with wedge heel sneakers and a blazer. So chic!


About the bag:
Slouchy hobo bag made of supple leather with genuine snake skin, which runs from front to the back. This Handbag is available for purchase at the Lexus Boutique of North Miami located at 14100 Biscayne Blvd., North Miami, FL 33181. The half moon shaped clutch bag is made of pony hair and black leather, handcrafted at the time of order with 2 weeks of delivery time. The zebra painted pattern varies per bag.

Important note: This clutch can be custom made to ANY color combination you wish. To place an order or to make an appointment, please contact Candy Woolley at