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Crossbody tan and leopard stingray flap

CW: How do you describe yourself in three words?
Passionately-feminine, strong-willed and a tad shy


CW: Describe your experience on the docudrama Shark Week for The Discovery Channel.
This was actually my first experience as an actor. The production team out of LA found my fashion profile and asked me to be a part of show, working all 5 days they were in town, which is kind-of unusual so I feel I was very lucky! The experience was fantastic and with my fashion experience directing photo shoots, I easily “got it” when the director gave a direction. What was so new to me was working for 8 hours for only 1-2 scenes, each about 30 seconds long! That can get grueling…but I loved it. Then when the director told me that I should be doing this full time, I jumped on it!


CW: What are your next big projects on TV and/or film?
I have three projects on the table – one is a local independent film called Homecoming. We did a “short” last year and it received a lot of attention with people asking “what happened next?” So the producer, Kenny Austin decided to turn it into a full length feature film. We’ll be filming throughout South Florida and I play one of the lead characters. The other two projects are still being finalized so I’m not allowed to say too much about them as of yet! But one will be filming in the Northwest and the other in Chicago. I’m also in the development stage of my own project, which will be a docu-series regarding anti-aging and wellness!

Pink and giraffe clutch

CW: In acting, how do you prepare to make a memorable character and performance?
Training, training and more training! I don’t think an actor should ever really stop training! Aside from that, I watch people, a lot! I’m always putting myself in their shoes to try to feel their responses – good, bad or ugly! It’s never my goal to analyze an emotion, I just want to feel it – connect to it.


CW: Do think television influences fashion?
Of course! Film probably even more so. Then, of course, you have so many people who follow what the top celebs are wearing. They could accidentally wear their shirt inside out, have someone snap a picture and then tomorrow, it will be a trend on all of the style blogs!


CW: Having several certifications in nutrition and alternative modalities, what is your biggest advice on healthy living?
I personally believe in living a holistic lifestyle – meaning to live in balance and harmony with my body, not doing anything harmful. So that in mind, I mainly eat an anti-inflammatory diet, consisting or organic/non-gmo foods and a high percentage of raw ingredients and I juice daily. But I don’t expect everyone to live like me! So the best advice is to lower the amount of acidic foods in their diet and eat 7 servings of veggies…and lots of clean water! Moderation is always important. Every person is different in what will work for them. But if you live with the intention of giving your body proper fuel and the right tools to be healthy, loosing weight would seldom be an issue.

Rust color bag with fringes and leopard print

CW: What is your mantra?
When I was very young, my mother use to have my sister and I repeat the saying “Everyday, in every way, I’m getting better and better.” I still hold to that philosophy and really work to live that out. I believe in looking at things positively and living non-judgmentally. I trust in God with my whole heart and have a good sense that as my life’s plan unfolds, I’ll be exactly where I need to be.


CW: What do you love most about your life?
I think it’s that I have total freedom in my life! My husband is amazing and gives the space to truly be myself and pursue the things in my heart…which just draws me even closer to him!


CW: Favorite international city you have visited?
So far, the French Riviera!


CW: Who do you consider a fashion icon?
Karl Lagerfeld, I even named my shih tzus after two of the lines he designs! He understands fashion, trends and how the body moves.



About the bag:
Robynn Lin is here modeling a crossbody bag made of genuine leather, with a flap made of stingray with a painted leopard design, a zip top pouch-clutch made of leather in hot pink and accented in a calf hair giraffe-print and studs and a boho inspired clutch/ipad case made of textured snake leather, calf hair with a print in leopard design and fringes.

Important note: This clutch can be custom made to ANY color combination you wish. To place an order or to make an appointment, please contact Candy Woolley at or click on the picture above to be taken to her website.