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“In the decade since he won the 1997 DMC World DJ Championship at a prodigious 15 years of age, A-Trak has turned the art of turntablism back toward its original party-rocking focus – the dude can scratch and beat-juggle, but he’s just as skilled at maintaining momentum and crafting seamless segues. ” – Pitchfork

That’s quite a review! But of course we wouldn’t expect anything less from the 5 time World Champion Canadian DJ – especially since he won the DMC World DJ Championship at the age of 15. So from the get go, he set the bar extremely high for himself. A-Trak had another home run with his “” that dropped in 2012 under his record label Fool’s Gold (which is a favorite around the office – especially Disco Nap).

A-Trak has a busy year ahead of him, embarking on a world tour taking him all over the globe – Netherlands, California, Spain, United Kingdom and Belgium to name a few places. But we’re most excited about his appearance at LIV Nightclub on Friday, June 21st – for very obvious reasons. That’s right! Before he heads off to EDC in Las Vegas A-Trizzy will be taking center stage at one of South Beach’s most prestigious venues, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Tickets start & only $40 for the ladies and the doors open at 11pm! See the phenom himself and [CLICK HERE] to get your tickets now!