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Tube & Berger, the tech house duo from Germany, wasn’t always about tech house. It all started with a punk band in the early 90’s and over time, evolved into the tech house sound that is Tube & Berger. With most of their songs in the 120 – 125 beats per minute, the Tube & Berger sound is very melodic and isn’t all about the hype, as a lot of house music is at the moment. They ultimately created Kittball records in 2006 with DJ Juliet Sikora and started the charity project “It Began In Africa,” a charity that helps young African musicians. And believe it or not, Tube & Berger just released their first studio album titled “Introlution” in 2012 and is available on Beatport by [CLICKING HERE].

Bamboo Miami Beach

Tube & Berger will be at Bamboo Miami Beach Saturday, April 20th to bring their melodic sound to South Beach. Bamboo Miami Beach is one of South Beach’s newest venues, already attracting A-List celebrities, DJ’s and more. If our 2012 Miami Heat Big 3 can celebrate their championship at Bamboo, this is definitely a place you want to be. With an enormous chandelier hovering over your head and all the white, chic couches, you get the feeling you’re in a super exclusive hotel – just a thousand times better. Then there’s also their moving stage. Yes you read that correctly. A moving stage. So what are you waiting for? [CLICK HERE] to get on the guest list for Tube & Berger now!