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Tatiana Rodriguez

CW: How do you describe yourself in three words?
Observant, real and kindhearted.


CW: What has been your favorite project?
Skyview. It was a program with recommendations for TV and interviews where besides the great working environment, we traveled a lot and I had a chance to interview and meet interesting people.


CW: What advice can you give to girls who want to act on TV?
Act on television? Why not on the big screen? ha ha… This is not a career of high speed, but of strength.┬áPersistence, much love and great knowledge of oneself.

Tatiana Rodriguez

CW: Do you think that television influences fashion?
Undoubtedly, there is more than one example of series, soap shows or programs that have been trend-setters or where fashion is the main themes, like Sex and the City, for example. Television is a medium for the masses and certainly impacts society in many ways, from the basics to the more complex.


CW: What is your style on a regular day and what kind of accessories do you like to wear?
My style is very casual, I like simple things, simple cuts and nothing elaborate. I’m a romantic, hippie chic style, I prefer to use small accessories or a statement piece alone.


CW: Favorite international city you have visited?
Buenos Aires and South Africa. The first is a very good combination of Europe and Latin America, it has a very special essence and the second always takes you by surprise, beautiful and warm.


Candy Woolley Python Handbag

About the bag:
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