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Dubstep can easily be called the hardcore, headbangin’ rock n’ roll of electronic music, as is evidenced by any youtube video of a true dubstep DJ. But that’s what people love about it. It’s extreme. The bass reverberates throughout every single cell in your body, the various other clips of sound effects make you think you’re literally living in a digital world…and then there’s the drops. Ohhh the drops. The bass drops make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, your heart race in anticipation and your damn skin crawl – ironically not all dissimilar from euphoria’s one may feel while on certain types illegal drugs synonymous with the EDM scene. But hey, we don’t judge. Live and let live!

So on Tuesday, March 19th Skrillex, along with Crookers, Alex Metrik, Amtrac, Alvin Risk, Brodinski & Gesaffelstein and who knows who else will all be tearing up the state at STORY Miami starting at 10pm and raging until 5am. It’s only matter of time before this event sells out so [CLICK HERE] to get your tickets now. Don’t miss out on your chance to see so many OWSLA Records artists at once!