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In an era where digital mixers and DJ turntables rule, DJ Craze keeps the old school vibe alive by using vinyl style turntables – although he does incorporate state of the art digital performance pads (first device he uses in the video.) According to his bio on his website, Craze, born Aristh Delgado, says: “My mom always taught me I could do anything I put my mind to. So when she asked what I wanted to do with my turntables, I told her, ‘Be the best DJ in the world,'” And that he proved 3 times at the DMC World Championships, an unprecedented record, and a title that no other solo DJ has yet to match.” – via And he did that in 3 consecutive years. Clearly a talented scratch DJ, Craze also has a love for Miami bass, breaks, dubstep and drum ‘n bass – which he incorporates into his routines.

If you love that old school Miami bass vibe then Mansion Miami is the place for you on Friday, April 5th as DJ Craze takes center stage. Run by the infamous Opium Group, the 40,000 square foot, dual level club is one of South Beach’s staple nightclub venues. Tickets are available by [CLICKING HERE]. For VIP [CLICK HERE] or call 305-695-8411.