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Some quick facts about Michel Cleis: He’s Swiss, speaks 5 languages, was a practicing psychologist at one point and actually wanted to be a baker as a child. How you go from a psychologist with a desire to bake to a world touring DJ is something we’ll never know. But, we’re glad he did.

Michel’s style of house is what we’d classify as minimal with heavy influences of tribal, given he utilizes a lot of drums in most of his music. And you have the chance to see him Friday, February 15th at Bamboo Miami Beach with special guest Edo. But wait! It get’s better. Normal tickets are $20 and $40 (for the ladies and gentlemen) but for only $10 more (making it $30 for the ladies and $50 for the fellas) you not only get in to Friday nights event, but also Saturday nights event with fellow Cadenza Records DJ Technasia! That’s TWO nights for the price of what other clubs charge just to get in! [Click here for the flyer for Saturdays Event at Bamboo Miami Beach]

It’s a no brainer for us here at The Good Life Miami – get your tickets now by clicking here before they sell out!