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Back on August 3rd, Rev Run and Ruckus took over LIV nightclub (video to the right) and blew everyone away. Ruckus with his mashup skills – blending hip-hop with house and dubstep seamlessly and Rev Run with his decades of MC’ing – it’s a show everyone should see. Check out our previous article on Ruckus HERE.

Fortunately for you, Ruckus is invading LIV once more on Friday, October 12th. However, there is one difference between his last appearance at LIV and this one. This time, it’s his BIRTHDAY! And if there is one thing LIV knows how to do and do it better than the rest, it’s birthday parties! So come on out Friday, October 12th and join Ruckus as he celebrates his birthday!

Also check out his Soundcloud for his latest songs HERE.