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Growing up most kids become infatuated with superheroes portrayed in comic books and films: Superman, Spider Man, Batman, Wolverine, Thor, Professor X, Juggernaut, Magneto – the list just goes on and on. As maturity kicks in the inevitable comes to light: You will never be one of those superheroes with the crazy insane super powers. Disappointing? Maybe. But wait! There is light at the end of the tunnel for comic book superhero lovers and no, that light isn’t from Angelus. It’s the realization that although you may not BE a superhero, you can be a voice in a film about them! That’s exactly why writer/director (and Miami native) Miguel Ferrer and executive producer Michael Gonzalez have teamed up with a group of seasoned Hollywood professionals to create RISE, an X-Men inspired fan film. Now this isn’t your typical Youtube film where you and a bunch of your friends wreak havoc on your town dressed as superheroes. This is an actual Hollywood level production with some of Hollywood’s best professionals.

Well here’s your chance to be a part of a Hollywood film – which doesn’t come around often. This Thursday at the Foxhole Bar in South Beach there is a fundraiser for the film starting at 6pm and going until midnight. Not only is this an event where you can contribute to the fundraiser but also kick back a few drinks with friends. Voli Vodka, who are most famous for being one of the leaders in low calorie and fruit infused vodkas, will be providing an open bar from 7pm to 8pm. They will also be raffling off some great prizes from movie theater gift cards, special edition Voli Vodka, custom sunglasses by Frankleidoscope Glasses, RISE/X-Men memorabilia and even an **exclusive visit to the set of RISE and a cameo appearance in the film! So don’t miss out on your chance to be a part of a Hollywood style production film and mark your calendars! If you’re not able to make it out but still want to contribute, you can do so HERE.

**Winner is responsible for all expenses