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     Passion Nightclub: Unfortunately summer is leaving us…well for MOST of America. On the other hand, we live in South Florida! Winter? What winter? Fortunately for those of us that live in South Florida we are pretty warm year round, so we present this event to you; the End of Summer Bikini Show at Passion at the Seminole Hardrock Casino in Hollywood Friday August 24th.

Chock full of awesomeness, this event organized by A Dream Group will be featuring Pure Rodri Bikini’s, designed by owner Pam Rodriguez. So you know what that means! Tons of South Florida’s most beautiful ladies in top of the line bikinis! On top of an awesome bikini show, ladies you have an OPEN BAR from 10pm to midnight courtesy of Passion nightclub! Not that we need another excuse to party, but this is a great one! If you’re ready for babes, bikinis & booze get on the Passion nightclub guest list HERE.


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