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Rev Run – a name literally every household in America knows as being one of the founding members of one of the original rap and hip-hop groups RUN D.M.C. who had a profound impact on the grassroots of the emerging hip-hop scene in the early 80’s.

DJ Ruckus has traveled the globe, spreading his house/dubstep/electro/hip-hop mixes like wildfire over the last decade. Ruckus got his first big gig as a teenager when he DJ’d P. Diddy’s birthday party – a HUGE gig if you ask us – and has been going strong ever since. A few years ago he was approached by Rev Run and a new duo was formed.

So what do you get when you pair one of the original hip-hop pioneers with a hot new mash up DJ? You get one HELL of a show – simple as that. Rev Run and DJ Ruckus have been traveling the world ever since as a duo, electrifying house and hip-hop fans from Las Vegas to Amsterdam. Fortunately for you, they will be taking over LIV this Friday, August 2nd in what is sure to be a house music and hip hop lovers dream come true. So with this powerhouse duo, you’re going to want to get there VERY early to ensure you get to witness the new era of house/hip-hop mashup!