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A little recap of the event held at Kitchen 305 June 22nd


The event was a celebratory one: Partly to celebrate Candy Woolley’s Birthday and the other a fashion show showcasing her custom handbags. The show featured a range of her accessories, from jewelry to handbags. Some pieces belong to her private collection that she started making in 2003, other accessories shown were from more recent collections. The show was dubbed “Feline Fling” and the idea behind it was to make it as wild, exotic and sexy as possible. Well mission accomplished! The models wore black catsuits, their makeup was a leopard design on the eyes with metallic lipstick and their hair was wild and teased. This was done in collaboration with Tamia Everett, Beverly Madriz, and Elizabeth Gutierrez from HiTech Paul Mitchell.

Afterwards Candy Woolley had this to say about the event:
“This is the first time I celebrated my birthday in such a way. I was very happy to celebrate with my husband, great friends and wonderful models all in one place. I was also pleased to see my guests who own a Candy Woolley bag wearing it to the party. The makeup and hair was unbelievable, it truly pulled the look together. I am so thankful to everyone involved because it was a successful night and everyone had fun, which was my main goal.”

Photo credits: Matthew Dymond

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