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What a wonderful way to celebrate the abundance of Cuban and Cuban American heritage in our wonderful city! Prior to the starting of the main event at 10pm this Friday there will be a tweetup hosted by Sosa Cigars at PAX. There is no charge to get in and the parking is free! So if you’re a cigar lover, this is your chance to meet more who share the same love of cigars with you.

Now onto the main event. The Cuban Pig Out is being held at PAX which you may or may not know, is the Performing Arts Exchange; A self described “progressive independent performing and cinema arts center in a sustainable format, with a local focus and a global reach designed to encourage the diversity of cultural expression and empathy.” That’s a pretty big undertaking, but fortunately for Miamians, they’re succeeding.

Many Cubans and Cuban Americans celebrate the Republic of Cuba gaining formal independence from Spain on May 20th, 1902 (although the current regime celebrates this on October 10th.) So this event is all about Cuban independence, and we all know a big influence on this community is music, so PALO! will be playing what they describe as Afro-Cuban funk for everyone in attendance starting at 11pm. Those that attend can expect a mini carnival; Food, music and people just having fun. The CubanCube Food Truck will be in attendace serving up their amazing pork buns, pork cigars and AMAZING croquettas along with some of their other Cuban creations. Little Havana’s own Azucar Ice Cream Company will be there serving up their homemade, all natural, Cuban ice cream to help keep you cool as well.

So with all the festivities going on under the PAX roof this Friday, there’s no reason to not be there! Tickets are only $10 for the main event that starts at 10pm and goes until 2am (keep in mind the tweetup BEFORE the main event that starts at 8pm is free to attend.) Parking is free for the entire event. For more information please visit the PAX website or call 305-640-5847