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April 16th. To most people it’s just another day, but those of us here in Miami know better. 4/16 is better known as FourSquare Day to most of Miami’s social media savvy inhabitants. Just in case you don’t know what FourSquare is, (and if you don’t, we can’t be friends) Foursquare is an app that makes it easier and more fun to explore whatever city you’re in. Almost like a virtual board game. “Checking In” to places can unlock discounts and coupons and you can also keep up with where your friends are. Want to try a new restaurant? Just whip out your smart phone, open the FourSquare App and see what restaurants and businesses are around you. Trust us, you’ll be surprised how many places are around you that you were never aware of. It’s a great tool for businesses to help get themselves out there.

So, now that you know what FourSquare is, let’s get back to FourSquare Day.

Espanola Way Village will celebrate FourSquare Day this April 16th, 2012. Starting at 7pm, the international celebration will be held here as one of the thousands of meet ups around the world. FourSquare makes a play on numbers and words, and so leaves trails of its brand along the way; thus, particiating venues will offer $4.16 deals on this behalf.

FourSquare Check In Logo

Up until this moment, social networks have been the main stage for the announcement of this event, inviting people to come over on the mentioned date and time, and for them to “Check In” on Espanola Way when they arrive; And of course in traditional FourSquare fashion, once you check in, you’ll receive a special FourSquare Day badge.

Six venues will support the celebration with the $4.16 specials: Oh Mexico Restaurant and Cantina, Cafe Nuvo, Havana 1957, Drexel Irish Pub, Cevichery and Tapas y Tintos. People will be able to find themed T-Shirts to remember this special day, and an international mention. It is also encouraged (as most of you already know) that anyone who joins the celebration, to upload their pictures, videos and comments about the festival to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and any other social media avenues they choose. Remember that this is a global celebration, so just like Espanola Way, there will be meet ups around the world having fun at the same time!

Any additional information about the event can be found here at the FourSquare Day Miami Beach website as well as the International website, FourSquare Day.