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2008 Pepperwood Grove Cabernet Sauvignon
Hailing from a country that is producing great wines by the dozen, this Chilean cab doesn’t disappoint, especially for the price. Upon pouring you notice the wines deep ruby red color that shows slight hints of dark purple hues. Earthy notes along with some dried red fruit are evident on the nose. On the palate you get a slight bitterness with some blackberry, plum and some rosemary/herb undertones. It finishes the same as it went in, making it smooth and an easy wine to drink. Due to this wines simplicity, it’s also a great wine to cook with, especially in a red pasta sauce. Very light for a cabernet sauvignon.

*NOTE: We noticed that aeration did virtually nothing to this wine, so we recommend skipping it. Also this wine is best when it is slightly chilled*

RETAIL: Under $10