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2007 Palo Alto Cabernet Sauvignon
As we’ve stated in previous reviews, Chile is a country that is almost too perfect for producing wines, with natural boundaries (Pacific Ocean, Andes Mountains, Atacama Desert & Antarctica) blending seamlessly to allow viticulture to flourish. We’ve found these natural boundaries give Chilean wines a special trait, one that let’s us know (without looking at the bottle) where this wine is from. This wine is actually a blend, comprised of 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Carmenere and 15% Syrah. The wine is a beautiful deep, deep red, almost purple in some light. On the nose you get plum notes with undertones of cocoa and even more subtle hints of a light toast. Once in your mouth, the syrah kicks in with subtle tannins, giving you a nice peppery note with blackberry, blackcurrant and some hints of plum. The finish is smooth and oaky, lingering for quite sometime. Excellently blended wine with fantastic character and complexity. Pairs well with spicy dishes and red meats.

RETAIL: $10-$13