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Fetty Wap at LIV Miami May 31st

     LIV Miami: Willie Maxwell, better known as Fetty Wap, may only be 24 years old but the hip-hop youngster, who was thrust into the national spotlight with his 2014 track “Trap Queen”, has tasted what few others have – superstardom.

One of the things I find most interesting about Fetty Wap is that he wasn’t always into music. According to many sources it wasn’t until 2013 that the star we would now know as Fetty Wap started getting into music. Aside from his hit song, there is one other notable that Fetty Wap is known for – his eye. After watching multiple interviews of Fetty where he is asked about his eye, I noticed he seemed to get a kick out of people thinking it’s because he was shot in the face. Fortunately for Wap it was a much less painful story – he developed glaucoma in both eyes and only one could essentially be saved which, admittedly, is not as ‘captivating’ as a rap/hip-hop clich√©.

Now that he’s got some momentum behind him and a self-titled mixtape dropping some time in 2015, he has hit the road and that means you’ll have the chance to see Fetty Wap at LIV Miami on Sunday, May 31st for a special edition of #LIVonSunday. For VIP reservations please call us at 305-290-4250 or e-mail A dress code will be enforced for this 21+ event. Party Responsibly.


Fetty Wap at LIV Miami May 31st


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