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Dyro and Bassjackers at Mansion Miami November 26th

     Mansion Miami: Since dropping Daftastic on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings label in 2011, things have turned out very well for the one known as Dyro. Dyro, born Jordy van Egmond, is a 23 year old (ok we’re 90% sure he’s 23) Dutchman who knows 3 things and executes them well: bass lines, enchanting melodies and highly energetic drops. And that’s actually not our opinion. Why, and how, would he have the distinct honor of saying he’s the youngest “Highest New Entry” in the 2013 DJmag Top 100 poll? (He debuted at 30.) Now in the good graces of peers such as Hardwell (not that he was ever on anyones bad side), Dyro has elevated his stature in the music business and now has his own radio show dubbed Daftastic Radio.

Now let’s add Marlon Flohr and Ralph van Hilst to the mix. But of course you probably know them as Bassjackers. It’s a simple name. But it’s a badass name. Who wouldn’t want to have the moniker of “Bassjacker?” Even though this DJ and producer combo linked up back in 2007, it wasn’t until 2011 when their track “Mush Mush” was picked up by Tiesto and put on his Musical Freedom record label that they really gained traction. Now with remixes for Moby, Rihanna and Enrique Iglesias under their belts, Bassjackers are ready for world domination.

So what do you get when you have two of the industries most energetic and sought after talents under one roof and that roof happens to be the one Mansion Miami is under? Well…you get one hell of a party that’s for sure. On Wednesday, November 26th catch Dyro and Bassjackers at Mansion Miami for their X Tour. Tickets are just $30 and can be purchased by CLICKING HERE. If VIP is more your style contact Mansion Miami VIP host Cody “Q” Quaife at 786-543-7626. Mansion Miami has some special VIP’s set up that start at $1,000 and can go upwards of $3,000, but they have their perks! Doors open at 11pm. Party Responsibly


Dyro and Bassjackers at Mansion Miami November 26th


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