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Tight Ashes at Brickell Cigars August 22nd


     Brickell Cigars: How many times have you been at a corporate event or a big shindig and found yourself thinking “Well…this is a pretty damn boring party”? If you’ve been to the amount of corporate events and networkers that we have, we’re guessing you’ve caught yourself saying that more times than you can even remember.

But what if we told you we know some guys that specialize in making plain, bland parties into an event people will be talking about for quite a while? In come Juan Carlos Campo and Eddy Consuegra. So who are they? They’re the men behind Tight Ashes. What is Tight Ashes? The simple answer? Well, they’re a cigar event company which means they can bring an entirely new and unique aspect to any event – whether that be a networker or a wedding. From DJs and lighting to cigars and cigar rollers, Tight Ashes does it all.

On Friday, August 22nd Tight Ashes will be celebrating their launch at one of Miami’s finest cigar shops, Brickell Cigars. From 7pm to 11pm enjoy cigars and cigar specials along with contests and poker and dominos tournaments. DJ Don Gato will also be in the building taking care of the music, who just happens to be Eddy Consuegra, 1/2 of Tight Ashes. Famosa Beer and Caliche Puerto Rican rum will be there providing drinks and samples to make our night even more enjoyable. Small finger foods and hors d’oeuvres will also be available. This is a FREE event so get on out to Brickell Cigars for a night of new friends, cigars and most of all, Tight Ashes!


Tight Ashes at Brickell Cigars August 22nd


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