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Labor Day Weekend Miami – Laidback Luke at STORY Miami August 31st

     Labor Day Weekend Miami: Laidback Luke is without a doubt one of electronic music’s most loved personalities. One of his greatest attributes is his heritage – he’s half Filipino and half Dutch. So he’s got the nice tan going AND he’s got the insane DJ skills the Dutch are apparently just born with. He’s the best of both worlds!

If there’s one thing we know Laidback Luke loves, it’s touring. He has a connection with his fans most DJ’s wish they had. He loves them and they adore him. With his first big single/remix hitting the airwaves back in 1995 (no need to get out the calculator…It was a long time ago) Laidback Luke has been non-stop ever since. Whether it was producing a remix of someone elses track or creating his own, Luke has been a lion in the studio, turning out quality tracks and remixes faster than we could keep up with. Now with house and electronic music becoming so mainstream, this has enabled Luke to branch out and collaborate with artists he may not have had the chance to work with before the big house music boom such as Enrique Iglesias, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Robin Thicke and Flo Rida.

And speaking of always being on tour, Laidback Luke is on one right now! On Sunday, August 31st Laidback Luke will be celebrating Labor Day Weekend Miami style at STORY Nightclub. Resident STORY DJ Dave Sol will also be on the 1’s and 2’s. Tickets for this event are just $30 and can be purcahsed” target=”_blank”>HERE. For VIP information please contact STORY Miami VIP concierge David Gordon at 561-239-1200. This is a 21+ event and a dress code will be enforced. Doors open at 11pm. Party Responsibly.


Labor Day Weekend Miami - Laidback Luke at STORY Miami August 31st


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