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Kill Paris at Grand Central Miami August 15th

     Grand Central Miami: 3 DJ’s in one night + Grand Central Miami = arguably one of the best events in Miami of the Summer. But wait! We don’t know who the DJ’s are! Hold your horses people, we’re getting to that.

MAD Events had the genius idea of bringing three well known DJ’s – Kill Paris, Antiserum and Glow Team – to perform in one night under the same roof. And that roof happens to be owned by none other than Grand Central Miami, Miami’s go-to venue for everything from concerts all the way to roller discos and private events.

With Kill Paris currently on a tour that, by the end of it, will have taken him to Canada, New York, Washington DC, Ohio and North Carolina, he’s making sure he has a top notch event in the Magic City. One of our favorite songs at the moment, although not brand new, is Kill Paris’s track with Marty Rod & Alma (the video above) titled “Falling In Love Again.” The track is chock full of good vibes that seem to have some inspiration from the disco era…which of course makes the track that much better.

Glow Team is comprised of two young men, Trucco and Suarey, who were born in and call Miami home. As their Facebook bio says; “Two 18 year olds from Miami that make beats.” Can’t sum it up any more effortlessly than that. Meanwhile Antiserum has some flat out nasty trap tracks. And of course we mean “nasty” in a good way. One listen to his Soundcloud will have you the most unproductive you’ve been all year long.

So get your $25 tickets now to Kill Paris, Antiserum and Glow Team at Grand Central Miami on August 15th by CLICKING HERE! Doors for this event open at 11pm, so be sure to get there early to get a good spot. For any additional information you may need, please call Grand Central Miami at 305-377-2277 or e-mail Party Responsibly.


Kill Paris at Grand Central Miami August 15th


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