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Cedric Gervais at STORY Nightclub Miami August 15th

     STORY Nightclub Miami: Just in case you haven’t noticed by now, French DJ and producer Cedric Gervais is very close with Grutman…Dave Grutman that is. As in the head honcho of STORY Nightclub & LIV. Being that the two are so close, we’re pretty sure Gervais is one of the most frequent guests at both LIV & STORY, if not the most frequent guest. Don’t believe us? Here’s a picture of Grutman with Gervais and director Michael Bay from earlier today (taken from his Instagram). Now don’t get us wrong, we love Cedric Gervais and his Sh*t Show events. Plus he calls Miami home, which we realize we’re being biased, but we don’t give a damn. We already lost Lebron. We’re not losing Gervais on top of that.

Back in July Gervais played at Electric Daisy Carnival held in Las Vegas (which you can see HERE) which he called “one of the biggest highlights of my year” and just finished wrapping up his European Summer tour that took him from Portugal and Italy to Switzerland and Ibiza. But now Cedric Gervais is kicking off his American tour which, of course, includes a stop in the Magic City.

With only one scheduled stop in Miami, Gervais is making it count. On Friday, August 15th Gervais will be at STORY Nightclub Miami along with resident DJ Dave Sol. Tickets are just $30 for the ladies and $40 for the gentlemen and can be purchased by CLICKING HERE. Dubbed Gervais’s “Welcome Home” event, we’re not sure if it’s because STORY/LIV are his second homes in Miami or if it’s for his return to the states. But regardless, welcome home Gervais! For VIP information at STORY Nightclub Miami please contact VIP concierge David Gordon at 561-239-1200. This is a 21+ event and a dress code will be enforced. Doors open at 11pm. Party Responsibly.


Cedric Gervais at STORY Nightclub Miami August 15th


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