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     4th of July Weekend Miami: July 4th weekend. Independence Day Weekend. Whatever you prefer to call our nations Declaration of Independence from Great Britain, just know that it’s a big deal. We all wouldn’t be enjoying the luxuries we enjoy in our daily lives if that drastic step hadn’t been taken back in 1776. But enough of the history lesson. July 4th is a big deal in Miami. It’s full of pool parties and beautiful women in micro-bikinis sipping on champagne which, in hindsight, is probably not what this nation’s forefathers had in mind when casting their votes for independence from Great Britain but hey, we certainly enjoy it now!

For the 4th of July weekend Miami, Red Rabbit Presents is throwing their awesome Red, White & YOU event on July 4th at the one and only Surfcomber South Beach located at 1717 Collins Avenue. Red Rabbit is also bringing special guest Moon Boots to tame the 1’s and 2’s and keep everyone moving and in the groove. And let me tell you, if you aren’t familiar with Moon Boots, get familiar with him. His music is incredible. A prime example of that is above. If you enjoy progressive, jazzy sounding house music then Red Rabbit’s Red, White & YOU event on Friday, July 4th is for you! This event is FREE for those who CLICK HERE and RSVP accordingly! The doors open at 1pm but we encourage you to arrive early in case there is a line.


Red White & You @ Surfcomber for 4th of July Weekend Miami


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