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Labor Day Weekend 2014 Miami – Borgore at Mansion August 29th

     Labor Day Weekend 2014 Miami: The ongoing conflict that has pitted Israel and Palestine against one another, again, in recent weeks has dominated the headlines on every local and international news station. But despite all the atrocities that have (and are) occurring, there are inspirational stories to come out of the region (and we promise this ties in with the headline, just wait for it). Asaf Borger, better known as Borgore, is one of the superstars that have recently emerged in the popular dance music sub-genres of dubstep and trap. Not only is Borgore from Tel Aviv, Israel, he actually served in the Israeli Army as a fitness specialist.

But after his stint in the Israeli Army, he turned to music. House music however, wasn’t his first musical affair. It was hardcore metal. He was actually the drummer/co-founder of the Israeli hardcore metal band Shabira. But as fate would have it, dance music is where he has found his new home…at least for the time being. In an interview with MTV (full article here), Borgore went on to explain the “Borgore Ruined Dubstep” mantra he often wears while DJ’ing, going on to say “Three years ago, it was all mellow – and then I came with my shit!” Did Borgore actually ruin dubstep? No. But it’s a phrase that has been attached to him since his emergence onto the scene and he has certainly embraced it with open arms. He was a game changer and he knows it.

Currently on a worldwide tour that’s taking him to places like Austria, Finland, Spain and the United Kingdom, Borgore has only one stop in Florida – Mansion Nightclub on Friday, August 29th for Labor Day Weekend 2014 Miami! Not only is this his only scheduled tour stop in Florida, tickets are only $30! To purchase your tickets, please CLICK HERE. For VIP information please contact Mansion VIP host Cody “Q” Quaife at 786-543-7626. This 21+ event will have a dress code enforced. Doors open at 11pm. Please party responsibly this Labor Day Weekend 2014 Miami!


Labor Day Weekend 2014 Miami - Borgore at Mansion August 29th


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