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     IndepenDANCE Pool Party: Aside from the usual beer, BBQ and babes that Miami is known for during the July 4th holiday weekend, there’s also something else Miami is known for – pool parties! The IndepenDANCE beach parties that span the entire July 4th weekend are now in their 10th year, a feat that deserves recognition by itself. These events have stood the test of time and keep getting bigger and better with each passing year. 2014 marks the most anticipated year yet.

The Raleigh Hotel in South Beach hosts their own 2 day IndepenDANCE pool parties that start on Friday, July 4th and end Saturday, July 5th. Both days offer their own vibe with completely different DJ’s and the 2nd day has a great lineup. For day 2 of The Raleigh Hotel’s IndepenDANCE events they have tapped the talents of Loco Dice, Stacey Pullen, Paul Ritch, Cocodrills, Louis Puig, Danyelino and Ms. Mada, of which we hope you recognize more than a few of those names. Anytime an event, particularly in Miami, reaches a decade of being around, it’s a big deal. In a city that’s constantly reinventing itself and the nightlife scene, some stability is more than welcome in my book.

Pre-2pm arrival tickets are just $35 while the all day arrival tickets are just twenty dollars more a pop at $55, both of which can be purchased by CLICKING HERE.We recommend you arriving early as there will be a line.


10th Annual IndepenDANCE Pool Party at The Raleigh Hotel July 5th


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