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Young Tabacaleros Cigars

     Young Tabacaleros: It’s no secret that the cigar industry has been around for generations upon generations, with many brands that have stories and beginnings that go back even further. However there aren’t many brands that have popped up in the last decade, and even less that have been successful. There’s no shortage of reasons as to why they fail – lack of experience, a lack of funds or just not having a blend that people enjoy – the list of reasons is seemingly endless. But, that’s what makes the launch of Young Tabacaleros Inc. and their new line, The Freshman, so exciting. Julio Iglesias and Ignacio Pigna may be young, but if you doubt their success because of their age, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

Celebrating the launch of Young Tabacaleros‘ debut cigar, dubbed “The Freshman” in honor of Julio and Ignacio’s freshman year of college, the duo known as Young Tabacaleros will be at Cigar Cellar & Lounge in Coral Gables on Saturday, June 7th. The event kicks off at 7pm and, as Cigar Cellar Miami always says “the night doesn’t end until the last ash drops!” The cigar, which comes in 4 different sizes ranging from a 38×7 all the way to a 54×6, is comprised of an Ecuadorian habaño wrapper, authentic corojo binder and filled with authentic corojo and authentic pinareño tobaccos.

Founded in 2013, Young Tabacaleros owners Julio and Ignacio went on a mission to create a cigar that they felt accurately represented their generation of cigar smokers – a generation that is widely left out of the main stream cigar industry. The final blend came after multiple trips to Honduras (and what we imagine were quite a few test blends), the duo describes their debut cigar as “a blend that is medium bodied and packs a ton of complex flavors. It’s a blend that can be enjoyed by a novice smoker or by an experienced smoker.” We haven’t had the chance to actually smoke the cigars ourselves (yet), but we will no doubt be first in line to try out Young Tabacaleros‘ new line and to see what the newest generation of cigar smokers is bringing to the industry.

“The Freshman” comes in 4 sizes: 44×5 1/2, 38×7, 50×5 and a 54×6. All sizes in this line have an MSRP of under $7.10 per cigar. They can also be purchased in boxes of 25.


Young Tabacaleros Cigar Launch June 7th at Cigar Cellar Miami


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