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     LIV Nightclub:In an interview with Ocean Drive Magazine sometime last year, Cedric Gervais proclaimed “[My style] is not underground, it’s not commercial, it’s in the middle—it’s fun.” Now we live in an era where house and dance music is seemingly divided between those who feel the big time DJ’s are somehow ‘sell-outs’ because of their stature and those that love the big DJ’s don’t care about the underground style DJ’s. So where would that leave Gervais? Well, that actually doesn’t matter. It’s one of the things that makes Gervais stand out amongst the masses – You think his style is underground? He’s cool with that. You think he’s mainstream? He’s down with that too. Cedric Gervais does a little bit of everything, from producing to remixing, and lets listeners decide for themselves what category they want to put him in. Because, to be straightforward, Gervais is really in a class of his own…and he knows it.

No stranger to the Miami and South Beach nightlife scenes, Cedric Gervais is a regular at LIV nightclub and STORY Miami. So with that in mind as he kicks off yet another worldwide tour that will be taking him from Miami to Ibiza (and everywhere in between), Gervais knew there was only one place in the prestigious Miami nightlife scene that he would want to celebrate his upcoming birthday – LIV nightclub. If you’ve never witnessed one of Gervais’s special Sh*t Show productions, you’re going to be in for one crazy ass ride! On Saturday, June 7th, Cedric Gervais will be performing at LIV nightclub and simultaneously celebrating his birthday with fellow LIV nightclub resident DJ, Mednas. Tickets for this event are just $40 for the ladies and $75 for the gentlemen and can be purchased by CLICKING HERE. To book your VIP table at LIV nightclub, contact VIP host David Gordon at 561-239-1200. A dress code is enforced, so dress to impress. Doors open at 11pm.


Cedric Gervais Birthday Celebration at LIV Nightclub June 7th


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