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     Scandalous Divas: Scandalous Divas have been holding it down at Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort for quite some time, with Scandalous Sundays being their staple event. What’s so special about Scandalous Sundays? Well, there’s quite a few things…

April is National Poetry Month and Jazz Appreciation Month, two things Scandalous Divas will be highlighting during April 27ths edition of Scandalous Sundays. Plus, this event will be raising awareness for The Stop Bullying Campaign of the Blue Owl Foundation. Hosted by emcee Crystal Chanel and Rebecca “Butterfly” Vaughns, Scandalous Sundays will feature spoken word by Sahnya as well as performances by Derek Mack, Nest of the Living Arts, Karina Iglesias, Calvin Early, Jenson Cox, J Home of Soulful Live, Christian Rivera and the ever popular Jai Rose and The Jai Rose Band (who are absolutely amazing).

When the above mentioned acts aren’t keeping you entertained, DJ Stan of X-Hale Productions will be on the wheels of steel providing music for all those in attendance at The Ballroom of Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort. Cocktail and evening-wear is the dress code for this event with a special emphasis on hot pink. Why hot pink? Scandalous Divas has made the theme for this event “bloom” – why bloom & hot pink? Because it’s a new season for new beginnings. We encourage everyone to participate as much as possible.

Tickets are only $15 each or 2 for $25 in advance, which can be purchased by CLICKING HERE. The event kicks off at 7pm on Sunday, April 27th and ends at midnight (which you could head over across the hall to Kitchen 305 if you weren’t ready to go home). Vendors will also be in attendance for you to browse and shop at. Dinner specials are also available. Call 954-400-8948 to reserve your seats, especially for parties of 4 or more. For the most up to date information, please visit


Scandalous Divas Presents Scandalous Sundays at Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort


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