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     Mau5trap Vs Pryda: As you may recall, a few months ago Joel Zimmerman, better known as Deadmau5, had somewhat of a falling out with our wonderful city. Apparently the Mau5 was a little fed up with the VIP entitlement lifestyle that so plagues the Miami & South Beach nightlife scenes, which can be overbearing and annoying sometimes, but hey – that’s one of the things that makes Miami, well…Miami. Fast forward to February 15th and, much to everyone’s extreme surprise, Deadmau5 is throwing a free show for his loyal fans at the Ice Palace Studio in Downtown Miami – talk about a turnaround!

The generous free show offered up by Zimmerman left many wanting to know what, if anything, was next. Was that just a nice way of him ‘apologizing’ but then never coming back? Or had he already moved on and didn’t want to disappoint his loyal Miami fans? Well, either way we don’t care. Why?

Because we’re just too damn excited about what’s going down on March 27th with Deadmau5 and Pryda (Eric Prydz)! The two actually share somewhat of a mutual disliking especially of the direction they feel EDM has taken and is going. Bottom line, they aren’t too fond of it. But these two juggernauts know they have the influential power to change the course of EDM – and they’re doing it together at Ice Palace Studios on March 27th during Miami Music Week 2014.

Early admission tickets have already sold out, but all-night general admission tickets are still available for only $80 by CLICKING HERE. And if you know anything about EDM, you know $80 is a steal to see these two legends take the stage for a Mau5trap vs Pryda showdown. The doors for this 21+ event open at 10pm and the party doesn’t stop until 5am. There’s also a special guest attending – though we’re not sure who (sorry guys). But regardless, you won’t be disappointed.

There’s also another event going on simultaneously with this one at Ice Palace – the Remembrance Festival featuring Bingo Players, Dada Life & more. CLICK HERE for more info on that event.

Mau5trap vs Pryda at Ice Palace Studios for MMW 2014 March 27th


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