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     Shark Attack at Club Space featuring DJ Shark: Hailing from the beautiful country of Brasil, DJ Shark may not be on the level of some DJ’s here in the states – but go back to Brasil, and everyone knows who he is. The young Brazilian DJ got his start at the young age of 17 and hasn’t looked back since. His Facebook page says he has partaken in numerous DJ contests and was elected as the Featured Black Music DJ of the Year by DJ Sound Magazine. DJ Shark’s Facebook also sites that the young DJ has played with or for the likes of DEV, 50 Cent, Montell Jordan, Lloyd Banks and Ne-Yo. Quite a resume by any standards.

If you aren’t too wiped out from your Valentines Day festivities, the last BASE at Space will be commencing at Miami’s Club Space on Saturday, February 15th in the basement. In typical Red Rabbit fashion, they have also thrown in 2 other DJ’s – DJ Chris Valencia and DJ Radamas – into the mix as well. That’s right, THREE DJ’s will be rocking the basement at Club Space! That’s probably why this is being called the Shark Attack BASE at Space.

Tickets for this shark attack of an event are cheap – $20 pre-midnight and $30 pre-2am – and can be purchased by CLICKING HERE. And with 3 DJ’s taking the stage, you definitely will be getting your money’s worth at this event. The doors open at 10pm and the party doesn’t stop until 7am! VIP is also available for as little as $80 per person and can be reserved by e-mailing


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