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Collections and Volumes 1 Year Anniversary Celebration: What is a woman to do when she’s young, vibrant, stylish and lives in the fashion capital of the South? Start a blog of course! But make no mistake, D’ana Nunez isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill fashion blogger in Miami – no, no, no. She’s a one woman army – her unique creativity is her gun and her vast knowledge of fashion her bullets. And if you haven’t noticed, as of late, Miami has been riddled with bullets from D’ana’s Collections and Volumes blog. Born in Miami but raised in Puerto Rico, D’ana has raised the bar when it comes to fashionista’s and fashion blogs in South Florida. On any given day she’s being both the photographer and the subject, styling a photo shoot for any number of local boutiques in Miami, creating new looks for her own blog Collections and Volumes, writing about said new looks and somehow still manages to squeeze in some videography in between. In other words, she runs circles around most people.

D'ana Nunez of Collections and Volumes

Collections and Volumes is where D’ana chooses to express herself. Her muse? Fashion. As her website says, Collections and Volumes “Aims to expose both local Miami and national brands in an editorial fashion; enabling readers across the world to full understand and appreciate the history of each brand.” And that she does. She is even collaborating with Pretty Girl Sweat to do a series of 16 minute workouts for ladies on-the-go with limited access to equipment! It’s that above and beyond attitude D’ana has that allows her to embody everything a fashionista is and should be.

So what happens when it’s the 1 year anniversary for said Miami fashion blog? You celebrate of course! On February 7th D’ana will be celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Collections and Volumes at Public House on Washington Avenue from 7pm – 11pm and she won’t be alone. Along with the myriad of local press, photographers, brands and top Miami fashion bloggers, Atlanta based DJ Xavier blk will be in the building spinning a mashup of hip-hop, R&B and old school while you chow down on some delicious 2 Girls and a Cupcake cupcakes. AlmaMei and Orphaned Earring have also teamed up to provide some amazing goodie bags to those attending that include apparel from AlmaMei and bracelets from Orphaned Earring. Two lucky random individuals will also win either a piece from G.A.G.Threads or a gift card to The Foxhole Bar!

Don’t miss out on the fun! Get out to Public House on February 7th and celebrate your love of fashion with Collections and Volumes! Be sure to follow Collections + Volumes on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

From all of us here at The Local Miami, Congratulations D’ana! We wish you continued success and can’t wait to see what you have planned next! – Tony


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