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Nadia Escobar with a Candy Woolley hand painted python hobo

CW:What is your name?
Nadia Escobar

CW:Where are you from?

CW:What are some of your talents? And which one are you concentrating on?
Talent is just the ability to do something without much difficulty, but to do something extraordinary consists of many hours of work. I’ve done the circus and theater rope, I’ve produced and directed, voice radio, circus acrobat, stage and television actress. But now I am focused on acting.

CW:Is there an actress you admire and whom you would like to work with?
Definitely Meryl Streep. She is an actress completely in love and committed to what she does. I’d also love to meet and work with Sofia Vergara. I think she is a very intelligent woman who has managed to create the perfect character to impact current market requirements.

CW:What do you do to create a memorable performance?
To create them I wonder about her life: What is her greatest fear? Her biggest dream? How does she get along with her parents, siblings, and friends? What makes her laugh out loud?, What are her greatest traumas? With those answers I can see more clearly what her personality is like and I imagine how she walks and talks.

Candy Woolley hand painted python hobo

CW:What is the difference between acting on stage and acting on television?
I love theater because there is direct public interaction and I love when I do comedy because laughter can inundate a theater full of incredible energy. Television is also fun because you reach a lot more people.

CW:Do you think that television influences fashion?
Yes, totally. We follow our idols, those with whom we identify with or those we admire and we want to look and feel like them. A character in a soap opera show can make quite a trend and it’s fun as an actress because you can create an entire personality.

CW:Any books that have inspired you?
“In Defense of Happiness” by Matthieu Ricard, a Buddhist monk declared by scientists to be the happiest man in the world. I am inspired by how it shows you how to live in the present – by enjoying every sensation, every color, every smell, we can be happy because there is nothing we can do about the past or the future. Of course we can make goals but after planning what is left is the journey to enjoy.


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