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Having just kicked off a tour in September in Vegas, German DJ Thomas Gold has had a busy 2 1/2 months. His tour, dubbed the Remember The Light Tour revolves around his latest single Remember that was just released on Axtone Records in the last few days. “Seeing the sun coming up behind the crowd – especially with all the people dancing – was something to remember!,” Gold said on his blog – and that’s essentially what his song Remember is about. I must admit, everyone here loves the song – It hits hard when it needs to, has fantastic vocals and has a great drop in it, combining many of the aspects most house heads love in a track. With his first official release in 2006, Thomas Gold quickly found himself remixing songs like Adele’s Set Fire To The Rain, which according to his bio, says it’s at 14 million views and counting on YouTube – impressive by anyones standards. It also doesn’t hurt that the head of Axtone Records is actually Axwell formerly of Swedish House Mafia (which we still won’t admit aren’t together anymore). Thomas Gold eventually broke into DJmag’s Top 100 list in 2012, grabbing the #82 spot, but fell out of the 2013 rankings. Thomas Gold has also launched his own radio show, Fanfare that broadcasts every Saturday at 7pm on Sirius XM Electric Area.

Thomas Gold at Club Space Miami Saturday November 23rd

What kind of tour would it be if Gold didn’t make a stop in the Magic City? Well, it wouldn’t be one. That’s why on Saturday, November 23rd Thomas Gold is taking over the Terrace at Club Space Miami! Located in the bustling downtown area, Club Space Miami is one of Miami’s most recognizable brands and venues in the nightlife industry, making it a must for big time DJ’s to stop at. Pre-midnight tickets are a wildly low $20 and pre-2am tickets are only $30, making this event a hell of a steal. Tickets can be purchased by CLICKING HERE. The doors at Club Space Miami will open at 10pm, so be sure to get there early to avoid the lines. Club Space Miami VIP more your style? Call 786-357-6456.


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