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     New Years Eve 2014 Miami: Despite beingon the ‘older side’, 42 year old Kaskade has not only survived the influx of new talent that has emerged in the EDM scene over the last few years, he’s thriving. Big time. No matter how much shit people may give Kaskade on his age or even his music for that matter, his music truly is magical. His music incorporates vocals that, even by themselves, are beautiful. Usually sung by a female, the lyrics always sound like they’re being done by some sort of musical angel – typically spoken somewhat softly – it’s easy to get lost in Kaskade’s music. As a matter of fact Kaskade was just in Miami at the American Airlines Arena on September 14th for his Atmosphere Tour, commemorating the launch of his latest EP Atmosphere. What better way for Kaskade to end his year (well almost) than to hit up STORY Miami?

New Years Eve Weekend 2014 Miami - Kaskade at STORY Miami December 29th

This event is NOT on New Years Eve – it is on Sunday, December 29th. Unfortunately Kaskade won’t be celebrating New Years Eve 2014 Miami with us, but this is pretty damn close, so we’ll take it. STORY Miami, the latest nightlife hot spot in South Beach run by MMG Nightlife, has quickly risen to the top as the #1 nightclub in all of Miami – and for good reason. STORY Miami continually ups the ante when it comes to the big name talents they bring to our city, have one of the most visually stunning venues imaginable and they have an out of this world, state of the art sound system. The Holy Grail trifecta when it comes to having a successful venue in the ever-changing South Beach nightlife scene. Tickets for this even are reasonably priced too – being $60 for the ladies and $90 for the gentlemen. Tickets can be purchased by CLICKING HERE. VIP more your style? Contact VIP host David Gordon at 561-239-1200. This is a 21+ event and a dress code is strictly enforced. Get your tickets now before they sell out!


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