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Morgan Page is an L.A. based progressive house DJ that, like most of his counterparts, developed a love for music at a young age. Born in Vermont, Morgan Page started by interning at German record label Plastic City while in grade school. Then while in high school, Page became a DJ on a University of Vermont college radio station and once in college, started producing and remixing original songs. He was also a radio station manager at an Emerson College radio station at the same time. Clearly Morgan Page was always ahead of his time – being one step ahead of everyone else. Morgan Page is now a two time Grammy Award nominee and at the beginning of September, announce his revolutionary Morgan Page MPP3D Tour. We cannot even begin to describe how awesome this show is! But alas, we’re going to try.

Mansion Miami Presents the Morgan Page 3D LED Concert October 30th

On Wednesday, October 30th the Morgan Page 3D LED Concert will be at Mansion Miami with hand picked DJ’s Audien and Maor Levi. So, what is the Morgan Page 3D LED Concert? It’s an experience. Right when you walk into Mansion Miami you’re handed 3D glasses (when was the last time you had that happened?). Imagine the most beautifully intense lasers and lighting accompanied by the brief, lightning fast flash of a high powered strobe – IN 3D! Then you account for the implausible music complementing the 3D visuals via Audien and Maor Levi with the main set done by Morgan Page himself. One look at the video above would make any house or electronic dance music lover be itching to get their hands on tickets. And this is where it becomes even more amazing! We’re sure you’re already thinking to yourself “This is going to cost me a small fortune” and you’re already planning out meals you’re going to skip in order to save the money. Well there is no need! General admission tickets for this amazing experience are only $30! Talk about an absolutely insane value! There’s also “The Experience Package” which includes a free T-shirt and a meet & greet with Morgan Page for only $76! This event is so jam packed with value we can’t even believe it. Mansion Miami and Morgan Page have really outdone themselves with this one. So what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE to get your tickets now before they sell out! This is the ONLY stop in Miami for this concert and 1 of only 4 stops in the state of Florida. For more information visit the Mansion Miami website HERE


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