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Sabor Havana Cigars Miami

     Casa Miranda, made right here in Miami, is a full-flavored, small batch cigar pioneered by the Miami Cigar Company. Founded in 1989 by Cubans Nestor and Mariana Miranda, Miami Cigar Co has grown so much that it is now home to brands like La Aurora, Tatiana Cigars, Casa Miranda and of course, the Nestor Miranda line of cigars.

On Thursday, October 17th from 4pm – 9pm Miami Cigar Co will be celebrating the launch of the Casa Miranda Chapter Two line of cigars at Sabor Havana. Located at 2600 NW 87th Avenue in Doral, Sabor Havana carries everything any brother or sister of the leaf could imagine. It’s free to those 18+ and even includes a dominoes tournament! Plus the Botran Rum models will be in the house! Purchase some cigars and you get to enjoy some free Botran Aged Rum! There will also be some nice cigar specials tied to multiple product purchases. See what all the hype is about on October 17th and head to Sabor Havana for the Casa Miranda cigar event!


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