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Scandalous Thursdays at Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort October 3


Loosely based on, and around, the events of former George W. Bush press aide Judy Smith, ABC’s hit political thriller Scandal is scheduled to air it’s Season 3 Premiere on October 3rd at 10pm EST. With Emmy nominated actress Kerry Washington playing the lead role of Olivia Pope, it’s not hard to see what all the hype is about. As a matter of fact, Washington could make history at the Grammy’s this year (which airs Sunday, September 22nd at 8pm). How, you ask? IF Kerry Washington wins the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her role in Scandal, she would be the first African-American actress to do so. Haven’t watched Scandal yet? That alone should make you re-think your choice.


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So what better way would there be to watch the Season 3 Premiere than inside the beautiful Tiffany Ballroom inside the Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort surrounded by Scandal fanatics? No need to answer that. There isn’t a better way. Scandalous Divas has put together Scandalous Thursdays at the beautiful Sunny Isles resort so Scandal lovers could completely submerse themselves in the show. Professional photographers will be there snapping your pictures, and reactions, so you can share the moments with your friends. The crowd will be the typical crowd for Scandalous Divas events – grown and sexy, with a slightly more relaxed dress code. Those who regularly attend Scandalous Divas events will notice a familiar face will be hosting the event; spoken word artist Rebecca Vaughns. Raffles for prizes like spa gift certificates and Scandal Trivia will be held throughout the night while you sip on drinks exclusive to Scandalous Thursdays. And with the low price of only $20 getting you in the door and food (not drinks), Scandalous Divas’ Scandalous Thursdays is a no-brainer.

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