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Red Rabbit Presents Caligula September 28th at BASE at Space Miami

When most people hear Caligula, the ancient Roman emperor usually comes to mind (or should at least). But, if you’re reading this article, chances are you know exactly what Caligula we’re talking about – and it isn’t the Ancient Roman emperor. The Caligula we speak of are a bad ass duo comprised of a DJ and a producer with PhD’s in trap music. And, as the video shows, they know how to bring the energy to a show regardless of size. They’re no strangers to the bustling Miami and South Beach nightlife scenes either – and Red Rabbit isn’t going to let them forget, So BASE at Space Miami it is!

So on Saturday, September 28th Red Rabbit Presents will have Caligula Wins at BASE at Space, Club Space’s insane trap music event in The Basement. Red Rabbit invites you and all your friends to experience the bass at BASE at Space by getting you in free before 12:30am if you’re on the Red Rabbit guest list (tweet them and let them know we sent you). VIP more your style? No problem! Red Rabbit also has VIP available starting as low as $80 and can be purchased by e-mailing Tickets start at a low $25 and can be purchased by CLICKING HERE. If you’re ready to rage, we’ll see you at BASE at Space September 28th for Caligula!


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