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Unmistakable. Unapologetic. BOLD as hell. That is the embodiment of what is known as Camacho Cigars. As their website says, “These are full-color, all-American style cigars that effortlessly deliver full-frontal, all-out flavor,” and boy do they deliver. Camacho cigars, founded in 1962 by Simon Camacho, is undergoing a huge revamp – from the cigars themselves all the way down to the boxes – Camacho is looking into the future of the cigar industry and beyond and is leading the charge in new full-flavored cigars. With brands like Matt Booth’s Room 101 line of cigars – which is actually a complete luxury lifestyle brand that consists of everything from rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and even lighters inspired by designs Booth saw overseas while he was deployed as a Marine – Camacho certainly has all the ingredients necessary to embrace the newest generation of cigar connoisseurs. Opting for a new streamlined look with their revamping, Camacho’s cigar bands and cigar boxes are essentially the same, but color-coded, making it easy to spot which cigar is which from a distance. And not to mention the fact that Camacho not only has Matt Booth involved but also TV and film writer/producer/director Rob Weiss and the undisputed King of Football himself, Mike Ditka, whom make up the Board of the Bold. Talk about a powerhouse trio…

George Rami, National Brand Ambassador for Camacho Cigars

With the relaunch of their brand and cigars, Camacho is throwing an event at Smoke Inn Cigars’ Margate, FL location. Munch on some of the delicious food provided whilst smoking on Camacho’s latest revamped blends. Bulleit Bourbon and George Dickel whisky will also be in attendance with samples of their delectable bourbon’s and whisky’s that just so happen to pair perfectly with Camacho’s cigars. Coincidence? I think not! Camacho is also sending one of their National Brand Ambassadors, George Rami, to answer any and all questions you may have about their latest blends. To top it all off, there is going to be an amazing raffle with prizes that include bottles of bourbon and whisky, cigars and an incredible grand prize of an all expenses paid trip to Camacho’s factory in Honduras in February of 2014! So whether you’re a beginner or aficionado, get over to Cigar Inn in Margate on September 13th for an evening of unapologetic good times!

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