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“I make music and I love my food.” Off the wall sentence for a Facebook bio? Yes. But we could care less because his music is incredible. We’re talking, of course, about Calvin Harris. Calvin Harris’s latest hit, I Need Your Love, is from his album 18 Months released on Ultra Records in 2010 is still getting significant airtime on the radio. He’s also one of the few DJ’s known for giving his fans an in depth look into his daily life via his website and Instagram. Which it’s always interesting to see how “normal” he seems to be – making it all the easier for us to think to ourselves “I could so do what he does”. Well, no you can’t. That’s why he’s playing in front of tens of thousands of fans every week and you’re working at the Best Buy at 5th and Alton. Of course there’s nothing wrong with that, but you see our point.

Maybe you can envision yourself in his spot when you see Calvin Harris perform at LIV Miami on Saturday, September 28th – assuming you’ve saved enough pennies from working at Best Buy. Resident LIV DJ, Mednas, will also be hitting the decks before Harris takes over. This is a 21 and up event and proper dress is required. Tickets can be purchased by [CLICKING HERE]. VIP is also available by calling 305-674-4680.

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