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California native Wolfgang Gartner didn’t always go by his current name – he didn’t take on the Wolfgang Gartner persona until late 2008 after he had some success as a deep house DJ. Before 2008, Gartner was just Joseph Youngman – a youthful DJ and producer that had an affinity for house and electronic music – who released most of his music on under his record label “Kindergarten” until signing with Ultra Records in 2010. Now Gartner is playing at mega festivals such as Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival, Global Dance Festival, World Electronic Music Festival and also played at ULTRA for the last 3 years. He has also been nominated for four International Dance Music awards, all in 2011, and has even had his music featured in video games such as Midnight Club: Los Angeles, Stoked and DJ Hero. Not a bad career so far – and that’s not even the half of it. One of the coolest stats about Wolfgang Gartner is that his track “Wolfgang’s 5th Symphony” was the highest selling song on Beatport for all of 2009 – an incredible achievement in and of itself.

Currently on a tour that has already taken him to Canada, New York, Vegas and Denver it’s time for Wolfgang Gartner to make his trip to Miami before he gets back on the road again. On Friday, August 2nd Woflgang Gartner will be taking center stage at STORY Miami, located between 1st and 2nd on Collins in Miami Beach. The doors open at 11pm and tickets start at a reasonable $30 for the ladies. For VIP table reservations please call 305-479-4426. [CLICK HERE] to purchase your tickets online.


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