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Many house and electronic music DJ’s and producers played one, or multiple, instruments in their childhood and teens years which have undoubtedly helped them in their career choice. In fact, Gareth Emery did teach himself how to play the piano at the ripe young age of 4 years old and was playing guitar in an indie band at the age of 15. Fast forward to 2006 and Emery now has a Podcast that has been nominated multiple times for the Miami IMDA Best Podcast Award; jump ahead to 2012 and Gareth has been chosen as a resident DJ at Vegas hot spot ‘Marquee‘. And with Emery’s hit ‘Concrete Angel‘ with Christina Novelli now approaching 14.5 million views on Youtube, we’re anxious to see what the rest of 2013 has in store for the England native.

Gareth Emery will be at LIV Nightclub on Friday, July 5th to continue the 4th of July festivities. DJ Vice will also be accompanying Emery on the 1’s and 2’s to kick off the night. The party kicks off at 11pm and tickets start at just $40 for the ladies and $75 for the gentlemen. Tickets are available by [CLICKING HERE].

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