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Not many DJ’s or producers can say they just “fell in to” starting a record label – but there is always an exception to the rule. Ron Morelli is that exception in this case. “I knew a bunch of people who were just sitting on tracks – and I had some tracks of my own…There was no set goal at the beginning. It was just get this music out…” Morelli says of his record label L.I.E.S. Pretty humble beginnings if you ask us. Fast forward 2 years and Morelli now lives in Brooklyn, New York which also doubles as his studio and his main focus is exactly what he says – just getting more music to the people. With no website, no Twitter, no Facebook….virtually no online presence whatsoever besides his Soundcloud and Beatport accounts, it’s hard not to believe Ron when he says he’s just trying to get music out to the people.

Morelli’s style is quite unique – one we’re sure not every house music fan will understand, especially if they’re used to more mainstream EDM artists such as Steve Aoki, Kaskade, Benny Benassi or Afrojack. He can go from repetitive and ambient type sounds to funk and drum & bass without notice – a style a lot of underground house heads love. And if you’re one of those house heads you’re in luck; Saturday, June 29th Ron Morelli will be making his debut in Miami at The Electric Pickle in Wynwood along with resident DJ’s Diego and Will Renuart. For ticket info please contact The Electric Pickle on Facebook or Twitter.


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