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Anna Sobero

CW: How do you describe yourself in three words?
Free, passionate and strong.


CW: What do you do to create a memorable performance?
I believe that every performance is memorable for the fact of creating a character. What I try to do is make each distinctive by giving a separate Zodiac sign and put my whole heart into my performance!


CW: Favorite international city you have visited and what is your dream trip?
Definitely Tokyo and would love to see Egypt!


CW: Who do you consider a fashion icon?
Carolina Herrera.

Anna Sobero


CW: Do you think that television influences fashion?
Absolutely, television influences the way to dress, to speak and the way to act, especially for teenagers. That’s why as parents we need to be aware of the shows our kids watch.


CW: Can you tell us of a movie that has inspired you?
Apocalypto. Because other than making me feel proud of my ancestors, it depicts very well what human beings are capable of doing for the love of their family!





Candy Woolley Python & Red Alligator Clutch

About the bag:
This bag is a Candy Woolley specialty, made right here in her studio in Miami. The majority of this hand made clutch is comprised of natural python leather and is beautifully accented with alligator leather hide on the tip of the flap to really give this clutch some pop. This clutch is perfect for everyday use whether for day or evening wear, dressed up or casual. The interior is lined with luxurious black suede, including any and all pockets.

Important note: This clutch can be custom made to ANY color combination you wish. To place an order or to make an appointment, please contact Candy Woolley at or click on the picture to be taken to her website.