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Out-Fit Challenge Miami

Unless you’ve been stuck under a rock for the last few years, you should be somewhat familiar with the term “mud run,” or at the very least, heard the term. Nowadays it’s hard to log onto Facebook or Twitter and not see a bunch of your friends posting pictures with huge smiles on their faces covered in mud – but maybe that’s just our friends. A mud run is just that – you run…in mud…and it’s fun. Mud runs typically involve obstacle courses, similar to what the military uses for training, in, you guessed it – MUD.

But this particular mud run has an added twist in it that the others don’t – this one was organized by Out-Fit Challenge and is sponsored by which, as the name suggests, makes this a LGBT friendly event and the first ever LGBT mud run. The Miami Beach Gay Pride Festival kicks off April 8th and ends on April 14th, making the mud run a part of a larger collective of events for the MBGP Festival. Taking into account gay rights and gay equality being at the forefront of the nations headlines and the hot topic on the news, timing couldn’t have been better to have such an event.


Out-Fit Challenge Course Map

This event is being held at Florida’s largest urban park, Oleta River State Park, off of Sunny Isles Boulevard (NE 163rd Street) on Saturday, April 13th from 9am to 5pm. There is NO on site parking – parking is available at the FIU/Biscayne Bay Campus for a fee. Please visit the website for more detailed information. The event is setup so that every 20 minutes (starting at 9am) a new race wave begins, giving you and/or your team the option to choose which time you would like to participate (depending on availability). The course is set up as a 5K (3.1 miles for those of you who weren’t too fond of converting) race with military style obstacle courses throughout and lots and lots of mud.

This event isn’t just about raising awareness about the growing LGBT community, it’s also about charity. The events proceeds will be benefiting multiple charities including South Florida’s largest and oldest HIV/AIDS organization, Care Resource as well as the Family Equality Council. Care Resource has been serving the South Florida and Miami-Dade area for almost 3 decades and provides essential HIV/AIDS research, prevention, care and treatment services for individuals living with the disease. The Family Equality Council has also been around for 30 years and represents the 3 million parents who are part of the LGBT community as well as the 6 million children who’s parents identify themselves as LGBT and use their influence to try and persuade legislation to include, rather than exclude, families comprised of LGBT parents.


Out-Fit Challenge Afterparty

After the Out-Fit Challenge there will be a special foam party event held later that evening starting at 11pm at Discotekka in Downtown Miami that includes an open bar until 3am. DJ Renn Torino, DJ Sushiman, DJ Miik and DJ Carlos G will be providing the music for the evening. For more information on the afterparty, please [CLICK HERE] for the event flyer and visit Discotekka’s website by [CLICKING HERE]

You don’t have to participate in the actual event to help this cause – Out-Fit Challenge also has spectator tickets available for $10 pre-sale or $15 at onsite or you can register to be a volunteer for the event by [CLICKING HERE].

Late entry tickets are still available for $95 per person until April 11th and onsite registration will also be available the day of the day of the event for $105 per person. A special group discount rate of $75 will be available if you register 4 or more people at once until April 11th as well. Please [CLICK HERE] to register and to purchase tickets. For up to date information please visit