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Markus Schulz, named ‘America’s Best DJ’ in 2012 by DJ Times says in his interview to the right “I come from the school of DJ’ing as an art form and I think that’s the one thing I want to keep pushing – it’s the one thing I really firmly believe in, is to make sure that the art of DJ’ing never gets lost as this dance music boom continues to happen,” – We couldn’t agree more. Markus Schulz has been to progressive house and trance what Michael Jordan was to the game of basketball. Now we realize not everyone may agree with that analogy, citing that Armin Van Buuren takes that spot – So before you start flooding our inbox with hate mail and tweeting us, we want you to realize one thing: This event isn’t about Armin Van Buuren, it’s about Markus Schulz. And we don’t think the two are at odds with one another anyway, considering Schulz has appeared on Armin’s “A State Of Trance” podcast numerous times.

The terrace at Club Space Miami

Sunday, March 17th Markus Schulz is bringing his talents back to Miami at Club Space and will be lighting it up on the terrace! We’re expecting to hear all of his great mixes (and crossing our fingers for some new ones) like ‘Don’t Leave Before The Sunrise,’ ‘Loops & Tings,’ ‘Rain’ and ‘Deep In The Night.’ But we have a feeling he’ll drop some new stuff on us, so we’re pumped! Tickets are available by [CLICKING HERE]! #LETSRAGE