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The video to the right that you just watched (and if you didn’t, immediately stop reading and go watch it!) is exactly why Tiesto is without a doubt one of the greatest and most influential electronic music DJ’s and producers the world has ever seen. Over the last decade, Tiesto has solidified his spot at the top – becoming a brand rather than just an act or a DJ. Tiesto was also the first DJ to play live on stage at the 2004 Olympics in Greece. With seemingly countless awards, nominations and accreditation under his belt, Tiesto has literally become larger than life – with his appearances and shows always being sold out no matter what corner of the world he’s in. When ULTRA Music Festival is in town, Tiesto is one of the acts people label as “must see” due to the complexity of his performances. *Now before we get any hate mail, we do realize we could’ve literally written a thesis paper on the awards, achievements and accomplishments Tiesto has acquired over his lengthy career, but that’s not what this article is about so stop whining. If you are interested in seeing a nice list of Tiesto’s awards and accreditation’s, please CLICK HERE.

So what do you get when you combine DJ Mags three time #1 DJ in the world with South Beach’s #1 nightclub? One INCREDIBLE production – one that you will absolutely not want to miss. LIV nightclub is bringing the one and only Tiesto on Saturday, December 8th to help us EDM fans round out the new year the right way; with the best DJ’s the electronic music scene has to offer. If you’ve never been to a Tiesto performance, you should CLICK HERE immediately to purchase your ticket(s). If you have been to a Tiesto performance, well…then you know how awesome they are and we hope you’ve already purchased your tickets. And if you’re one of those unfortunate people that can’t or aren’t going, well…we’re just glad we’re not you!

Check out Tiesto’s Facebook page & follow him on Twitter @Tiesto