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Erick Morillo has been in the house music scene for the better part of the last 2 decades, although some may not realize it. Morillo has gone by quite a few names in the past – from Smooth Touch, RBM, Deep Soul and even Li’l Mo Ying Yang. And yes, you just read that correctly, Li’l Mo Ying Yang. As laughable as those names may be, Erick Morillo is not a joke. If you, even though you may not want to admit it now, jammed out to the classic 90’s club hit “I Like To Move It, Move It!” then you know exactly who Erick Morillo is (CLICK HERE for the link to listen to the song, we know you’re dying to…and you’re welcome.) That is the song that really launched Morillo’s career back in 1994 and now, he’s one of the house music scenes’ elite DJ’s.

We know you’re probably still jamming out to “I Like To Move It, Move It!” and we’re pretty sure you’re anxious to know where you can go see him play. And like how your parents used to give you ONE present to open early before Christmas, we’re giving you a little gift to open as well: Erick Morillo will be at LIV nightclub on Saturday November 24th! And yes, we realize you’ve probably already figured that out since it’s in the title and all – but the thought still counts. This is sure to be a sold out event so get your tickets now HERE!